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Posted by – 14/01/2010

Today all the lines of the post are dedicated to google.

1st of all – Google Chrome with extensions on mac

Available on the Dev channel, so if you have a mac head there and download it right away!
Now you can have adblock, rss subscription, xmarks, firebug lite and all other chrome extensions.
This move will surely increase chrome usage on mac platform.

2nd – Gdrive cof cof.. Google Docs lets you store files in the cloud

Another good(and late) move by google (well not for you dropbox guys). So now you can upload any kind of file to google docs and access it well…anywhere :)
This is not a new service and I, like many others, will keep using our dropbox account, but if I begin to have storage shortage problems, you can’t beat these prices.

And last but surely not least – Google move on China

If you haven’t read or heard about it yet(are you real?), you can read all the details here.
BiIG thumbs up for you guys!

3 Comments on On google

  1. Xorti says:

    Gee man… I was really hopping to find a Google Chrome for Mac OS with Extensions Support!

    Thanks a lot!

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